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“Half of every dollar spent on advertising is wasted. I just don’t know which half!”

(John Wanamaker, 1886.)

(John Wanamaker, 1886.)

The Media Landscape

What exactly is the Media Landscape?

Given the proliferation of traditional and new advertising media opportunities, the competition for audience has never been greater. From the client’s perspective this competition can dictate that a lower advertising “spot” rate is paid – but, potentially and indeed practically, for a massively reduced or fragmented audience delivery. Therefore, with so many media options available, how much greater is the required media mix in order to reach the same target market, to the same level, that might have been delivered by one advertising platform in the past?

Indeed, if is solely down to an advertising medium delivering numbers, are those people listening young/old enough; in the right location; actually watching or fast-forwarding the advertising break in a programme or indeed buying from the client advertising on page 3 or his competitor on page 5?
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New Media?

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