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Designing An Effective Leaflet
“Half of every dollar spent on advertising is wasted. I just don’t know which half!”

(John Wanamaker, 1886.)

(John Wanamaker, 1886.)

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While, from a client’s perspective, the design and print of the material for distribution is only one element of a successful and rewarding door-to-door campaign which includes planning, targeting and confidence that the contract will be completed, a good, focused and targeted leaflet will immediately generate sales

A great mailshot will help build better relationships, an understanding of your customer base and a wider appeal which will all ultimately lead to business development for the longer term. In order to be successful, the initial leaflet campaign must be expected to, at least, pay for itself while meeting the objectives which have been determined at the outset.
 These can be anything from total revenue generated to information gathered.

Even if you meet your targets for revenue or number of sales, you can still gather worthwhile customer information. For example, you may have set yourself targets of 400 sales and £4,000 in revenue; but your campaign creates 500 sales for just £3,000 income. You have only hit one of your targets, but you have two valuable pieces of data:

  • 500 people are interested in your products
  • These people are mainly interested in your lower-value products.

With this information alone, you can plan your next mailing campaign, which specifically targets these 500 customers with lower-value products”.
(Andrew Millar – Royal Mail)

Undoubtedly though, you will want to and be able to learn more about your clients and your business. You can learn if you are growing your customer base; Is there a specific part of the message to which they are responding? From where or what section of your inventory is the greater part of the revenue generated? Is there a specific profile that spends more? Etc.
Every door-to-door leafleting campaign provides you with the opportunity to not only generate sales but to provide more information to facilitate the continued development of your business – PROVIDING your leaflet is designed to reflect your overall objectives. Armed with the correct information you can build customer profiles, target more effectively and enjoy greater levels of business.

Contents and Presentation of an Effective Leaflet

Assuming correct targeting, on a geographical or socio-economic basis for example, a leaflet distribution campaign is a cost-effective advertising platform that can deliver an immediate response providing the attention of the householder is drawn to and absorbed by the message.

A leaflet is an opportunity to present your company or service in full, detailing its uniqueness and the specific offerings and benefits over any rival. The leaflet is the advertisement and more; it is a full colour, solus, presentation of your company; it is the editorial environment and it is the special offer sales pitch.
Any door-to-door communication that is expected to reflect a professional presentation of a company or service, thereby gaining the attention and confidence of the potential customer, must achieve this goal from the moment it hits the doormat. Success in this area is often lost through the production of a poorly printed message on poor quality, tissue-like paper.

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