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Why Unaddressed Mailings & MCDI?

* Effective, Controlled, Targeted
* Versatile
* Drives Response
* Interactive
* Not Intrusive
* Informative/Detailed
* Personal/Solus
* Professional Service Working on Your Behalf
* Cost Effective
* Accountable

Distribution Rates:

Distribution rates are calculated on a cost per thousand (CPT) basis based on a number of factors including volume for distribution, weight and bulk of item and areas targeted for distribution.

We will be happy to provide a full proposal, tailored to your requirements and based upon the information above.
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The Media Landscape > Why Unaddressed Mailings?

In addition to insisting that no more than four leaflets be delivered in any distribution in which our client is included, MCDI has received guarantees that no two competing leaflets, in terms of client or service, shall be included in the same distribution. Receiving such guarantees has helped determine the distribution contractors with which we will partner and those with which we shall not.

As a professionally produced and targeted leaflet is a ‘solus and personal medium’ the advertiser is brought into the customer’s home environment. The message delivered is therefore relevant to that environment and the strength of a national brand can be further enhanced by a local, immediate and friendly association – the local manager, branch, personality, etc.
Lifestyle targeting Doormat Impact
This broadens the base of potential client recruitment as opposed to communicating only with the existing customer base. Uniquely putting the initiative or promotion in the hands of a target market at home in a relaxed environment – If it can fit through the letterbox, there is no limit to the creative potential
No Personal Details Immediate interaction
Less threatening or intrusive than direct mailings. Can be 75% less costly than direct mailing & effective targeting and appropriate presentation can create immediate interaction - a personal approach does not always require a customer name The consumer becomes instantly involved with the ‘solus’ message. There is no conflict for attention with programmes or editorial.

The communication is the environment/editorial.

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