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“Half of every dollar spent on advertising is wasted. I just don’t know which half!”

(John Wanamaker, 1886.)





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While MCDI provides national coverage, no unaddressed mailing body or organisation can guarantee 100% coverage of all homes in Ireland, within normal timescales relevant to a marketing campaign. This situation has been dictated by a number of factors, not least of all lack of access to certain letterboxes and apartment complexes or those houses with signs requesting no delivery of unsolicited mailings.

We will not deliver to these homes if for no other reason than it reflects badly on our clients. Also, unless specifically requested, we will not normally deliver to holiday homes as this can cause litter, clutter and annoyance. MCDI’s deliverable quantities are calculated on an 80% - 90% coverage figure and established deliverable volumes within specific distribution areas.

It is this quantity that we quote and for which we charge!!!
MCDI will plan in accordance with the client’s targeting requirements:

• National Campaign
• 80% - 90% of Homes
• Sub Demographics Nationally
• Geographical/Demographic
• Based around outlet locations
• Regional/National Up-weighting
• Lifestyle/Socio-economic (Mosaic Profiling)


  • MCDI will use only distribution contractors
• Who can provide the requisite level of service in specific areas
• Are prepared to meet distribution criteria
• Will, in the main and as far as is possible, utilise employees for each distribution contract, thereby increasing control
• Are prepared to provide the necessary administration & back-up for each distribution
• Who subscribe to an acceptable code of conduct in representation of our clients
• Will investigate fully and liaise with the appropriate authorities in cases of complaint


MCDI will work on behalf of the client, liaising with the relevant distribution contractor (s) to ensure realistic commencement and completion schedules are fully met. This includes reception, organisation management and disbursement of leaflet / brochure / sample stocks.

Administrating & Reporting

MCDI will...

  • Communicate fully and regularly with the contractors and the client to ensure a flow of up to date information
  • Collect and coordinate the backchecks and verifications of each delivery
  • Deal fully with any queries that arise, removing the client from any distribution issues
  • Provide certification of the distribution as contracted

MCDI & Unaddressed Mailings

  • Distributions in a controlled environment
  • Coverage potential of 80%-90% of homes in any area – charged accordingly
  • Flexibility of targeting
  • Defined delivery dates
  • Planning
  • Reporting/Certification

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