The Specialist Leaflet Distribution Agency

Unaddressed Mailings
*Distributions in a controlled
*Coverage potential of 80%-90%
of homes in any area (charged
*Flexibility of targeting
*Defined delivery dates
Our Services

MCDI is an independent agency which provides a door-to-door distribution management service to ensure the highest of professional standards are available to you, the client, as you would expect from any professional advertising/marketing medium.

Working on behalf of our clients we provide a full schedule of services to ensure that their message actually reaches the target market – on time.

Our services include:

  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Managing
  • Researching
  • Reporting

We at MCDI appreciate that it is necessary to be able to respond quickly and professionally to circumstances which dictate a direct communication with a customer base. In order that we might be of assistance in this respect and to provide the greatest possible levels of flexibility and support to you, the customer, we have simplified our booking and our stock delivery systems as far as is possible.


Through the services and good office of one of our 'preferred partners' in unaddressed mailings, MCDI can, at a negotiated rate, gain access to Mosaic Profiling information for leaflet distributions. While we do not have direct access to the research information, our partner has an exclusive contract with the owners of this research and will facilitate its use for specific leaflet distributions.

MCDI will plan in accordance with the client’s targeting requirements:

National Campaign

  • 80% - 90% of Homes
  • Sub Demographics Nationally


  • Based around outlet locations
  • Regional/National Up-weighting
  • Lifestyle/Socio-economic (Mosaic Profiling)

Sophisticated Neighbourhood Segmentation System

  • Official Census of Population - based data
  • Combined 3rd party consumer behaviour data sets
  • 32 Neighbourhood types each displaying distinctive consumer purchasing behaviour, lifestyles and socio-economic characteristics

What is Mosaic Profiling?

  • Mosaic Profiling defines 10 distinct groups of consumers
    • Which are further broken down into 32 detailed types
      Some examples of the Groups included:
    • 'Established Affluence' who are found in large detached homes in the most attractive and wealthy areas in the country;
    • 'City Singles and Sharers' whose cosmopolitan environment reflects a desire to be closely involved with the animation of city life.

In order to avoid disappointment in terms of meeting the desired distribution dates, we would suggest that 2-3 weeks’ notice of a forthcoming distribution be allowed to ensure availability as we will not allow leaflets which compete in sector or service to be distributed together. However, when this notice is not possible, we will go that extra distance to accommodate your requirements.

  • MCDI will use only distribution contractors who can provide the requisite level of service in specific areas
  • Are prepared to meet distribution criteria
  • Will, in the main and as far as is possible, utilise employees for each distribution contract, thereby increasing control
  • Are prepared to provide the necessary administration & back-up for each distribution
  • Who subscribe to an acceptable code of conduct in representation of our clients
  • Will investigate fully and liaise with the appropriate authorities in cases of complaint
Stock Delivery / Scheduling
Our stock delivery terms are simple. We prefer the stock to be in the designated warehouse on the Wednesday preceding the ‘Week Commencing Distribution’. This allows us adequate time to properly check the quantities and to disburse the leaflets to the distribution teams. Should delays be experienced in the printing process, we can accept stock up to the Thursday afternoon preceding the week commencing distribution on the basis that we are kept informed as to the anticipated time of arrival.

All leaflets should be bundled in 100’s or 200’s, uniformly packaged in cartons with the quantity identified on the packaging. All versioned leaflets must be clearly identified on the packaging with the distribution area clearly marked. It’s that simple!

will work on behalf of the client, liaising with the relevant distribution contractor (s) to ensure realistic commencement and completion schedules are fully met. This includes reception, organisation management and disbursement of leaflet / brochure / sample stocks.

Click here for our stock delivery & packaging instructions...

Administration & Reporting
  • Communicate fully and regularly with the contractors and the client to ensure a flow of up to date information
  • Collect and coordinate the backchecks and verifications of each delivery
  • Deal fully with any queries that arise, removing the client from any distribution issues
  • Provide certification of the distribution as contracted
  MCDI Leaflet Distributions are completed in a Controlled Environment which ensures:





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