The Specialist Leaflet Distribution Agency

The Specialist Leaflet
Distribution Agency

It is not just the strongest that
survive but rather,
in commerce, those that can
identify new, effective,
paths to the consumer
and are most efficient in
responding to change
and how it can benefit their
business. Interested???
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Welcome to MCDI, The Specialist Leafleting Company
MCDI is an independent agency which provides a door-to-door distribution management service to ensure the highest of professional standards are available to you, the client, as you would expect from any professional advertising/marketing medium.

Working on behalf of our clients we provide a full schedule of services to ensure that their message actually reaches the target market – on time.

As an extension of your business or a member of your team, we bring accountability and control to one of the few advertising/direct marketing media platforms that has experienced substantial growth over the last decade throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe.
Our Services Include
Planning Scheduling
Managing Researching
Reporting

With planning, thought and level of investment realistically linked to goals, unaddressed mailings are among the more sophisticated platforms from which to communicate with an existing customer base and, importantly, from which to recruit new customers in a targeted and timely way. Proper planning and targeted investment reduces wastage and gives a high return – particularly desirable in uncertain economic times!

Door – to – door distributions are increasingly proving to be one of the more cost-effective vehicles through which clients from every sector, wishing to communicate or interact with their existing customer base or recruit new customers, can supply information in detail and attract an almost immediate response depending on the trigger mechanism included in the solus & exclusive message that is their leaflet.

Return on Investment

While DM has not always been
considered the "sexiest" form of
advertising its strenght
lies in its return on investment,
because it is an accountable medium...
designed to
track and measure, thus enabling
businesses to plan and invest wisely.
As a result of this, even when the
economy begins to slow, direct
marketing continues to hold its own.

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Why Unaddressed Mailings?

  • Impact without duplication/competition
  • Low media clutter
  • Targeting and campaign size specific to audience profile and campaign objectives
  • Generates rapid response depending on call to action
  • Practically unlimited creative opportunities
  • Flexibility of timing
  • Cost effective coverage

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