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Our Clients
At MCDI we represent our clients in the management of each distribution contract and have the cooperation of the companies which we employ in moving our industry forward in terms of professionalism.

Should a problem arise, it is MCDI that answers the query or complaint, removing our client from the sphere of blame. We provide weekly updates on distributions and can provide ‘ad hoc’ updates. We check, verify and confirm completion and work with our contractors to ensure timelines are met as far as humanly possible. Should we experience delays, we expect and receive notification from our contractors to enable our clients to be pro-active in their reporting.

Junk Mail Is Only Junk Mail If

It Is Of No Interest To The Recipient

As an extension of your business or a member of your team, we bring accountability and control to one of the few advertising/direct marketing media platforms that has experienced substantial growth over the last decade throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe.

Door – to – door distributions are increasingly proving to be one of the more cost-effective vehicles through which clients from every sector, wishing to communicate or interact with their existing customer base or recruit new customers, can supply information in detail and attract an almost immediate response depending on the trigger mechanism included in the solus & exclusive message that is their leaflet.

Media Communications Direct (Ireland) Ltd. will assist our clients in:


MCDI will plan in accordance with the client’s targeting requirements saving you both time & money:

  • National Campaign
  • 80% - 90% of Homes
  • Sub Demographics Nationally
  • Geographical/Demographic
  • Based around outlet locations
  • Regional/National Up-weighting
  • Lifestyle/Socio-economic (Mosaic Profiling)

While MCDI provides national coverage, no unaddressed mailing body or organisation can guarantee 100% coverage of all homes in Ireland, within normal timescales relevant to a marketing campaign.

This situation has been dictated by a number of factors, not least of all lack of access to certain letterboxes and apartment complexes or those houses with signs requesting no delivery of unsolicited mailings.

We will not deliver to these homes if for no other reason than it reflects badly on our clients. Also, unless specifically requested, we will not normally deliver to holiday homes as this can cause litter, clutter and annoyance.

MCDI’s deliverable quantities are calculated on an 80% - 90% coverage figure and established deliverable volumes within specific distribution areas.

Why Unaddressed Mailings?

  • Impact without duplication/competition
  • Low media clutter
  • Targeting and campaign size specific to audience profile and campaign objectives
  • Generates rapid response depending on call to action
  • Practically unlimited creative opportunities
  • Flexibility of timing
  • Cost effective coverage


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