The Specialist Leaflet Distribution Agency

The Specialist Leaflet
Distribution Agency

It is not just the strongest that
survive but rather,
in commerce, those that can
identify new, effective,
paths to the consumer
and are most efficient in
responding to change
and how it can benefit their
business. Interested???
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Terms & Conditions
1 Interpretation
I. ‘The Customer’ means the client/agency placing the order.
II. ‘The Material’ shall refer to the promotional literature used, samples or other matter for the distribution exercise.
III. ‘The Contract’ shall refer to the specific distribution exercise being undertaken by MCDI as agreed in the confirmation order/email/verbal agreement.
IV. ‘The Company’ shall refer to Media Communications Direct (Ireland) Ltd.
2 Terms of Contract
The contract shall be subject to the terms stated here and upon these conditions which shall not be varied by any terms of conditions in any other correspondence or other document or by any oral representation or statement made by on or behalf of the company unless agreed in writing by the Managing Director.

3 Delivery
I. The company will use its best endeavours to manage the distribution of the materials as agreed to the requirements and criteria of the client. Such management shall be within the parameters of service offered by a ‘partnering’ distribution contractor deemed by MCDI, for whatever reason, most suitable and capable of completing the contract to the required levels of service on the basis of its distribution system. This does not necessarily imply 100% penetration of all addresses within the area.
II. If the customer has a requirement that the services of a specific contractor, for whatever reason, not be used, this must be stated in writing to MCDI at the earliest possible stage of contract negotiations.
III. If for any reason the contractor fails to meet distribution standards as agreed and committed to, then the company shall charge the customer at the same rate for 1,000 deliveries as in the confirmation of order but only for the quantity of material shown to be distributed by the back-checking system as set out in the standard distribution of the company.
IV. The foregoing adjustments are in lieu of, and in substitution for, any and all other remedies on the part of the customer.
V. It is the responsibility of the printer and/or publisher of any item distributed to ensure that the legal requirements related to the item are met. In this context, it should be noted that it is a legal requirement that all newspapers, leaflets, supplements etc. intended for distribution shall contain the name and address of the printer.
VI. The company will have recourse to the client for any legal action taken against the company that directly relates to the form or content of the item distributed.
VII. The company cannot guarantee any response levels for the leaflet distribution. It should be noted that low recall does not and cannot suggest low distribution efficiency

4 Contents of Customers Material
I. The company shall have the right in its absolute discretion to cancel any job whether accepted or not, if in the opinion of the company the material fails to comply with the Advertising Standards Authority guidelines, or is in any other way unacceptable for distribution.
II. If the company exercises its discretion in this respect and cancels the job, it shall notify the same to the customer who shall thereupon arrange collection of the material and be liable to pay the company for all the work carried out and costs incurred on the order, up to that date.

5 Quantities
I. The company is not obliged to check the quantity of customers’ material supplied for distribution. Supplementary charges of €6.00 per 1,000 will be made if leaflets are not boxed and interleaved every 100, 200, or 250. All boxes must be clearly marked with the leaflet name and quantity.
II. Leaflets must be delivered to the designated warehouse by noon Wednesday of preceding week. (This is brought forward 24 hours for bank holiday weekends)
III. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all quantities must be delivered at the same time.
IV. In the event of a delay or error in the quantity of items supplied, distribution will be carried out at the earliest opportunity. The company will advise the customer as early as possible of any delays or incidence of short/ over supply.
V. Unless written authorisation has been agreed with the respective companies, stock that is surplus to requirements will be disposed of six weeks following the completion of distribution.

6 Distribution
I. The stated distribution objectives and overall quantity distributed are subject to a variance of 10% within the terms of the contract.
II. A copy of the leaflet is required at the office of the company one week prior to distribution.
III. No leaflet will be accepted on a time critical basis, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
IV. The company shall endeavour to deliver leaflets inside a 7-10 working day period from specified date, but cannot accept responsibility for delays beyond its control i.e. freak weather conditions.
7 Payment
Pre-payment is required unless already agreed. The amount is shown in the confirmation of order. Credit terms may be agreed prior to the distribution but the period of credit of 21 days from date of invoice shall be strictly adhered to. Any payments outside the agreed period shall be levied with interest according to E.U. guidelines. Where purchase order numbers are supplied they shall be included on invoices. However, if p/o numbers are not forthcoming after having been requested by MCDI, we will not accept responsibility for their omission from invoices and will not accept this as a reason for late payment. Where a distribution is cancelled due to non-receipt of a p/o number, cancellation charges as per 9 (iii) below will be applied.

8 Complaints
I. Should evidence of non-delivery be produced by the customer and/or his agents in the form of names and addresses within the area of distribution stated in the confirmation of order, who have not received material, such evidence will only be deemed acceptable if solicited within five days of completion of distribution. If found proven, the company shall deliver to these addresses free of charge and without incurring any further penalties, alternatively 3 (iii) shall apply.
II. Where the company undertakes printing on behalf of the customer, it is the customer’s obligation to ensure that all content is satisfactory and suitable for printing. The company in no way accepts liability for errors or omissions in printed materials, the copy having been approved and agreed by the customer or supplied by the customer electronically or on disk. In the event of any localised shortfall in distribution being identified, subsequent delivery will be considered as fulfilment of the contract. If this is not practicable, a credit may be offered in direct proportion to the identified shortfall.

9 Cancellations
I. All cancellations to an order must be received in writing by the preceding Thursday.
II. All cancellations to ‘Solus’ distributions must be received in writing fourteen days prior to the planned distribution date.
III. Cancellations informed to us later than the periods above shall be charged at 50% of the distribution charge.

10 Liability
Notwithstanding any other provisions of this agreement, it is expressly stated that the company shall be under no liability for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, whether or not arising as a result of any negligence on the part of the company, which may be suffered by the customer. This includes the reprinting of customer’s material.

11 Insurance and Indemnity
The contractor indemnifies the customer against any third party claims arising from the action of its staff or agents involved in the distribution.
Excluding all other liabilities the contractor also undertakes to insure the customer’s material against all risks whilst it is in the contractor’s possession. In the event that any or all of the material for distribution is damaged or destroyed whilst in the possession of the contractor or its agents, the contractor’s liability is deemed to be strictly limited to the production costs of the material. The company accepts no liability for any form of consequential loss.

Return on Investment

While DM has not always been
considered the "sexiest" form of
advertising its strenght
lies in its return on investment,
because it is an accountable medium...
designed to
track and measure, thus enabling
businesses to plan and invest wisely.
As a result of this, even when the
economy begins to slow, direct
marketing continues to hold its own.

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