The Specialist Leaflet Distribution Agency

Stock Delivery Instructions

In order to meet agreed delivery schedules, leaflet stock must be delivered to our designated warehouse (address supplied) on or before the Wednesday prior to week commencing the chosen and confirmed distribution date. The relevant sales person should be contacted prior to dispatch of stock.

At specific times during the year, e.g. Christmas/New Year, where distribution schedules are disrupted, MCDI Ltd may require stock to be delivered one week prior to the delivery deadline above. This shall be agreed with the client in advance.

All pallet deliveries must be labeled detailing the client/product/promotion and must be accompanied by a delivery note which clearly states the client name, overall delivery quantity and total number of pallets. This delivery note should also state the name of the supplier and/or printer. Boxes on pallets should be correctly stacked and the pallets of good condition to allow double stacking. Wrapping and strapping is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure a stable load and that the stock is adequately protected during transit. Metal strapping will not be acceptable.
All boxes should contain a uniform number of leaflets with that quantity clearly identified on the exterior of each box. Ideally, leaflets should be bundled in stacks of 100 or 200 for ease of stock control and efficiency. Leaflets which are badly or incorrectly packaged may be subject to an additional handling charge of €12.00 per thousand.

Special delivery instructions with regard to versions of the leaflets targeting specific areas or specific dates, these details must also be clearly visible on each box/pallet and made known to warehouse staff at time of delivery. MCDI Ltd will not be held responsible for any errors in distribution caused by non observance of these delivery instructions.

All part-deliveries must be accompanied by individual delivery notes and must be signed for on receipt. If warehouse staff cannot physically verify the quantities received, the delivery note will be taken at face value. Consequently if, at a later stage, the stated quantities are found to have been incorrect, MCDI Ltd cannot be held responsible for any subsequent shortfall in delivery and charges will reflect the original quantity booked.

Delivery hours are 09.00 – 16.00 hrs., Monday – Friday (Bank Holidays Excepted).

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